Keeping Your Metabolism Primed

Apparently, you do have a lower metabolic rate after dieting, and it does decrease with age too. Many will find it harder to keep weight off with age (like me!). The truth is that it's almost impossible to not try very hard to keep the weight down and the metabolism tweaked up.

To quote a specialist on this subject: 'the best and healthiest way to keep metabolism on the up and up is to eat healthy lean proteins and exercise. How much exercise? The recommendation is 30-60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity at least 5 days per week; plus 20 minutes of resistance exercise training 2-3 days per week for upper- and lower-extremity and core strength.'

It's exhausting to think about, but I find you just have to do it and make it an essential part of your day. There is no easy fix!


Gaynor Bussell B.Sc. (Hons) Nutrition

I have extensive experience in a wide range of nutrition areas, for example, women's health and weight loss. I have published several books and articles on diet and health, especially in the women’s health area. I don't use mumbo-jumbo and I don't sell pills or potions. My degree is based in science and my training is also evidence based. Available for nutrition content and communication, writing and project work.

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