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I'm your versatile dietitian!

I have worked extensively in the field of nutrition and dietetics, gaining experience in several arenas including academia, NHS,  and private practice dietetics, the food and retail industry, public health, workplace wellbeing and health charities.

Did you know that 'Dietitian' is a protected title in the UK and provides your guarantee of a competent, qualified nutrition advisor. A Registered Dietitian's unique skill is the translation of the science of nutrition into everyday information about food, health and disease. Registered Dietitians work within a strict ethical code of conduct to proved accurate, independent and up to date information about nutrition and food.

Other websites by Gaynor Bussell and partners:

Women's Nutrition for Health This site contains blogs on various apects of womens's health and contains tips on how to be succesful whn trying to follow a diet

Value Driven Software   As a partner in this company which offers Agile coaching; I can offer companies workplace wellbeing workshops


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