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Healthy eating on a budget


  1. Buy foods in season; this is especially true of fruit and veg
  2. To avoid waste it may be best to shop several times a week, just buying what you need at a time
  3. Plan your meals and then your shopping list. Stick to your list so you can better avoid impulse buying. And of course don’t go shopping when you are really hungry as you will buy far too much and not stick to what you need!
  4. Make double and freeze the extra - this will save you time too!
  5. Try and make meals from scratch but don’t feel guilty about using some convenience foods which can often be good value such as tinned tomatoes and canned beans
  6. Use leftovers in imaginative ways
  7. Use food before it goes out of date, don't waste it
  8. Look for the cheapest prices rather than the biggest discounts, it is not always best to go for bulk offers as you may just tire of the food or not be able to eat it before it goes out of date
  9. If you do bulk buy, you may want to share it out in more manageable amounts with your friends
  10. Try growing your own - you will get some good exercise that way too!
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