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November 2016: Bussell G (2016) "Motivational interviewing to help patients achieve dietary and lifestyle changes", J GPN , 2 (6) pp 48-52

June 2015: Article in Complete Nutrition on ‘menopause: how to cope’

April 2015 Iron fact sheet for British Dietetic Association website (pending publ)

April/May 2015 Providing dietary advice for people with Type 1 diabetes, Journal of Community Nursing (pending publ)

March 2015 The Menopause: How to Cope [Kindle Edition] Abereifed Publishing. ISBN: 9781909795020 Link:


December 2014: 2nd edition of PMS fact sheet for British Dietetic Association website, listed under medical conditions:

October/November 2014: Providing dietary advice for people with Type 2 diabetes, Journal of Community Nursing. vol 28, Number 5, p60

September/October 2014: Recognising and managing iron deficiency anaemia, Nursing in Practice, Number 80, p43

June 2014: Manual of Dietetic Practice (5th edition) edited by Joan Gandy. Wiley Blackwell.  I contributed two sections in Women’s health

May 2014: Published in the Br.J.Nutr. Conference Report: Cranberries: The Health Properties of Cranberry Juice, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 3rd December 2013.  I was one of the speakers


May 2013: ‘Coping with PMS in Four Steps’ 2nd edition by Gaynor Bussell. Kindle book. ISBN: 978-1-909795-00-6.

 December 2011: PMS fact sheet for British Dietetic Association website, listed under medical conditions: . Currently being updated

March 2009: ‘Expert’ contributor to book titled, The Menopause: Ask the Experts, by Norma Goldman (2009) Publisher: Hammersmith Press Ltd

Oct 2008: Abstract published on talk given on ‘How GDA labelling can help diabetics improve their diet’.  Article and poster presented for the same conference on ‘The Scientific underpinning in the Development of Guideline Daily Amounts, Nutrition Congress, Pretoria, South Africa

April 2007: Article titled, “The case for Guideline Daily Amounts” in Functional Nutrition, 7 (2)

March 2007: Book titled, “Managing PCOS for Dummies”. Published by John Wiley (sole author).  Currently this is the third best selling book on PCOS in the UK

Feb 2007: Article titled, “PCOS: Is there a sensible and straightforward solution for this condition”. In Complete Nutrition 17 (1); pp16-18

Feb 2007: Chapter titled, “Improving the Labelling of the Salt Content of Foods” in “Reducing Salt and other Sodium Sources in Food Products: practical strategies” (with co-author M. Hunt).  Woodhead Publishing Ltd. Cambridge

2005: Paper titled: Nutritional profiling vs guideline daily amounts as a means of helping consumers make appropriate food choices. Nutrition and Food Science, 35 (5)

2004: Article titled, ‘Blood Pressure and the Effects of a UK Diet’ in Complete Nutrition (Vol 4(6) pp16-18)

Autumn 2004: Paper titled: ‘Obesity and the Role of Government in Diet’: (an Address to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee of the House of Commons) and published in Science in Parliament, 61(4) pp.16-17

2003: Membership Survey on Menopause Information Sources and Needs (The Menopause Exchange)

2003: Salt and Children Survey for Salt Awareness Day 2003 (Consensus Action on Salt and Health)

2002: Paper titled: ‘Children’s diets: should they be taken with a pinch of salt?’ in Nutrition and Food Science (Vol 32, pp231-236) This paper received the award for ‘Outstanding Paper’ for 2002

2002: Paper titled, ‘Salt: Why the pressure is on’ (Issue 47, pp.12-13) in Health Matters Journal

2000: Readers Digest: Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements- contributing author

2000: Original research paper titled: ‘The dietary beliefs and attitudes of women who have had a low-birth-weight baby: a retrospective preconception study’ in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Vol 13, pp. 29-39)

2000 Booklet on Diet and Premenstrual syndrome sold on behalf of the PMS charity, NAPS plus distributed to chemists.

1999: Peer review poster produced as a result of an audit performed on the dietary advice given to patients at an osteoporosis clinic.  This was presented at two conferences including the USA

1999: Co-author in an update of ‘Peanut Allergy: Information for Dietitians’.

1999: Principal reviewer in Position Paper of The British Dietetic Association on Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation in Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

1998: Forward written for ‘The PMS diet book’ by Karen Evenett.

1998: Paper entitled ‘A Revue of Diet and Pre-menstrual Syndrome’ in Journal of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (Vol. 8, pp. 65-75)

1995: Chapter titled, ‘Preventing low birth weight’ in ‘Releasing resources for Health Gain’. Radcliffe Medical Press.  I received a top nutrition award from the BDA for this work



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